Mr. Block is a common worker who is literally and figure-of-speech block-headed. He works hard, in dire circumstances and is paid far beneath the minimum wage. Yet despite all this he remains intensely loyal to his bosses and never realizes he's being exploited. Extremely naïve as he is, Mr. Block keeps hoping for better days and never loses his faith in the American Dream


Driven by a passion for decentralized business models, efficient capital markets, and equal opportunity for all, the Mr. Block founding team is building a technical ecosystem for the content and gig economies. The Mr. Block Platform enables research & education for applied economics and bilateral access to the global knowledge-worker talent pool. We envision a world where access to valuable information and marketplace services are democratized for all and historical barriers to entry are eliminated. Join us! As we scale Mr. Block from grassroots to mainstream and capitalize on this fantastic opportunity to advance society’s most precious assets: our denizens and our data.


Society has evolved into a New World Order that is rapidly developing as we write. This is a broadscale evolution of perspective from emerging and egressing generations alike, fundamentally changing the way society perceives and realizes commercial value between intermediaries.
Open-source technological and business-model innovation is occurring at a rate and volume never seen before1 that has afforded an opportunity to re-think and re-deliver pre-existing commercial paradigms.
One of the economies most ripe for disruption is the freelance or “gig” economy. This vertical offers incredible value to society by promoting cross-functional collaboration and bilateral value contributions; however it is victim to massive inefficiencies that present themselves as a painful tax on those who are contributing most to the economy2. Furthermore, those costs are borne by the consumers of the marketplace product and services3.
A truly decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has the potential to address these business and technical challenges in a way that delivers bilateral value to both service-provider (SP) and service-receiver (SR). The DAO proposed in this post is enabled by a Bitcoin-based platform that enables education, participation and collaboration amongst traditionally untrusted parties to achieve the following outcomes:

The Mr. Block platform is based on the most cost-effective and open business model yet to be conceived4 and will outcompete not just existing companies but existing business models in their entirety by delivering true, reciprocal value contributions to SPs and SRs.

Figure 1. DAO Model in Mr. Block

  1. To include labor Stats here for Gigworkers, take home pay after platform fees. After inflation, credit card charges, and platform Fees, person contributing the value is left with 30% less per year in wages. This 30% in fees given back to the contributor would go very far them
  2. To include value exchange weakened after initial connection within traditional platform based business models, and how Platform restricts communications outside of it and how it is not the best experience for both the client and freelancer
  3. To include Unemployment numbers and rise of LLCs - the new SMB not your mom and pop down the street but rather online monetizing services and creating products to sell.
  4. Talk about new opportunities that lie ahead for freelancers to take advantage of the blockchain economy.
    • No fees, take home more pay.
    • Artists: new monetization channels with Non-Fungible Token Art, as well as protecting IP rights for the first time.
    • Coders: On demand global talent pool (future of work), no more discrimination working overseas.. Rather focus on acquiring the right talent.
    • Booming NFT sector and Growth trajectory.

    Currently valued at 100 million, with projections to 10-100x or more in 2021

  5. At least when it comes to the surging gig economy. The share of gig workers at US businesses jumped 15% from 2010 to 2020, according to ADP, and the pandemic only pushed more American workers to go solo when they lost jobs or earnings.
  6. To include Unemployment numbers and rise of LLCs - the new SMB not your mom and pop down the street but rather online monetizing services and creating products to sell.

Contributing Factors (Why now?)

A global pandemic event has dramatically accelerated the pace of change for societal dynamics5. These dynamics have existed for some time6, although current conditions have brought to light these underlying themes in a way that is impacting the average joe and jane’s everyday life experience.