Figure 1. Mr. Block overview

What is Mr. Block Research?

Mr. Block is a platform that encompasses the best of on-chain analysis, TA, fundamentals, and macroeconomic news for users to quickly and easily receive the most pertinent information related to Crypto, Blockchain, and Finance. Mr. Block combines high quality content tailored to your needs from content feeds and channels of your choosing. The platform is meant to educate not only blockchain and fintech communities, but lower the barrier to entry for the entire population as many enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Block leverages API data from reputable selected content providers whereby users can track content and research regarding personally relevant topics and interact in a meaningful way through a community of mutual interest. We allow users to contribute and monetize research on any given topic, with the goal of enabling networks within these micro communities to further foster innovation and collaboration on any given topic.

Our mission is to simplify capital markets education, while enabling new users to participate in the blockchain economy.

What is Mr. Block Marketplace?

A decentralized marketplace (DAO)* empowering the Gig Economy and thereby democratizing access to businesses, artists, traders, and more for the monetization of creative content, data and talent services.

Mr. Block Marketplace introduces decentralized applications to mainstream audiences to make accessible the future of labor contributions. This subsequently enables free market efficiencies for the exchange of value in content and talent services. Leveraging our bitcoin-based token (MBLK), users can tokenize assets and freely exchange these assets in a peer-to-peer manner while avoiding costs associated with legacy models. This leads to tremendous economic benefit for both the employer and freelancer (maker/taker) unlocking previously dormant value contributions across industries.

The Mr. Block Foundry believes there is a major trend underway towards the “decentralization and tokenization of everything.” We see a world where blockchain will disrupt platform service models like Upwork, Shutterstock, Fiverr etc. that traditionally serve as an unnecessary and inefficient intermediary, capitalizing on power-and-position dynamics to extract grossly exorbitant fees from those who contribute the most value to society in the first place. We aspire to a world where ethical incentives, sound protocols and hard money dictate how parties perceive value and exchange goods/services to the maximum benefit of all user/contributors within any given economy or sub-economy.
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